Thanks to the partners below, we are able to bring you some of the features of our book fair: the presentation of new topics and themes in the field, discount codes, the display of new publications, and reserved opportunities for EuARe members.


Established in 1946 as the American Theological Library Association, Atla is a membership association of librarians and information professionals, and a producer of research tools, committed to advancing the study of religion and theology. As a community of collectors and connectors, Atla works to promote worldwide scholarly communication in religion and theology by advancing the work of libraries and related information providers.



Research tools presentation and updates

In a video presentation that will be online from Monday, June 22, Cristina Ochoa, Product Specialist at Atla, will provide us with updates on Atla research tools and ongoing strategic initiatives.

Highlights about recent updates and developments with Atla’s key research tools will also be advertised on our social media profiles.


Brepols Publishers is an international academic publisher of works in the humanities.

The focus of its publications lies in "source-works" from Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Early Modern period. By this is meant critical editions of original texts and documents in their original language, reference works such as encyclopaedias, handbooks and bibliographies, as well as monograph studies and cutting-edge research.

Brepols Publishers' mission is to publish works with an outstanding academic reputation in the field of Europe’s cultural roots and sphere of influence.



Discount code

To all EuARe2020 delegates, a special conference discount and free shipping on a selection of recent titles in Religious Studies. 

Discount prices are valid until 22 July 2020.

Journal issues on free access

Active EuARe members profit from a special offer. Members can access 123 back issues of renowned journals in Religious Studies (such as Revue d’études augustiniennes et patristiques, Revue Mabillon, i.a.).

All information will be given via a dedicated communication.

Free webinar

Free webinars on Brepols leading databases Index Religiosus and Dictionnaire d’histoire et de géographie ecclésiastiques will be available for all EuARe delegates on 23 June 2020, 5pm CEST/11am EDT.


How to publish with Brepols

If you have a project you would like to discuss with Brepols, we invite you to contact Tim Denecker, one of Brepols' publishing managers.

Brill logo zw-w.jpg

Founded in 1683, Brill is a publishing house with a rich history and a strong international focus.

Brill’s publications focus on the Humanities and Social Sciences, International Law and selected areas in the Sciences. Brill publications also include the imprints Brill | Nijhoff, Brill | Rodopi, Brill | Hes & De Graaf and Hotei Publishing. Brill has developed distinctive platforms for its online resources.



Discount code and open access titles

To all EuARe2020 delegates, 25% discount off price list (plus handling fees) when ordering from the website with the action code 75000.

The code is valid until the end of the year (31 December 2020) and is valid for individual buyers of print books and e-books. No other discount applies.

The offer also includes Open Access titles in Religious Studies. More information is available here.


Editorial news

Highlights and new trends in Brill's editorial programs will be advertised on our social media profiles.


How to publish with Brill
If you are a prospective Brill author and had been hoping to submit your book manuscript or proposal at the 2020 EuARe, Brill's Acquisitions Editors are looking forward to get in touch with you.


De Gruyter.jpg

De Gruyter publishes first-class scholarship and has done so for more than 270 years. De Gruyter is an international, independent publisher headquartered in Berlin that publishes over 1,300 new book titles each year and more than 900 journals in the humanities, social sciences, medicine, mathematics, engineering, computer sciences, natural sciences, and law, and also offer a wide range of digital media, including open access journals and books.




Discount code

All EuARe2020 delegates can visit De Gruyter's virtual booth, browse through the titles and take advantage of the 20% conference discount until 31 July.

Books can be ordered through the conference order form. Shipping is postage free.


Articles on free access

Active EuARe members profit from a special offer. Members can choose 10 articles from a selection of books and journals and download them for free.

All information will be given via a dedicated communication.

Meet your editor

Conferences are not only about panels, speeches, and book exhibitions. Personal meetings with authors, editors and readers are key for publishers.

Dr. Sophie Wagenhofer, Senior Acquisitions Editor Religion at De Gruyter, invites you to catch up with her to discuss projects and ideas, and to engage with your questions and concerns. She will be available for Skype meetings during the conference (22-25 June) and thereafter.  

Skype: sophie.wagenhofer


Edition Ruprecht is a publishing house founded by Reinhilde Ruprecht in 2005 in Göttingen for mainly humanities publications.

At the turn of the year 2005/2006, Edition Ruprecht became the publishing house of the Evangelical Methodist Church of Germany (EmK) through a cooperation agreement and took over individual titles and two book series from the Christian publishing house and has been continuing them ever since. In cooperation with the training centre of the EmK, Reutlingen Theological College, a scientific journal and a book series are published, further Methodist books are published as single titles. Acquisitions such as the 2006 acquisition of the book and open-access journal publishers Dührkohp & Radicke or of individual book series and journals such as Glaube und Lernen followed, along with the founding of own book series such as Edition Ethik. Since 2010 Edition Ruprecht has been acting as the publishing house of the Independent Evangelical Lutheran Church (SELK) and its Lutheran Theological College Oberursel through a further cooperation agreement. In this cooperation a scientific journal, single titles, two scientific book series, the Evangelical Lutheran Church Agenda and a book series with "gift books" on spirituality topics are published.


Discount code

To all EuARe2020 delegates, 20% discount on books when ordering from the website with the code #EuARe2020.

The code will be valid until September 30, 2020.



Equinox Publishing Ltd is an independent academic publisher founded in in 2003 by Janet Joyce and based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.


Equinox publishes journals, textbooks, anthologies, monographs and reference books in the areas of archaeology, linguistics, cultural history, religious studies, cookery and popular music. Within the religious studies list, Equinox publishes Buddhist Studies, Islamic Studies, History of Religion, Religious Texts, Paganism, New Religious Movements, Biblical Studies, the Academic Study of Religion, Ancient Religion, Body and Religion, among other topics. In 2020 Equinox has a backlist of approximately 400 published books. Equinox is currently publishing around 45 books per calendar year as well as 50 journals, 18 of which are in the field of religious studies.


Discount code

To all EuARe2020 delegates, 25% discount when ordering e-books from the Equinox Publishing website ( with the code EQX.

The code will be valid until the end of July 2020.


Il Mulino is a publishing house based in Bologna, established in June 1954 on the initiative of the group promoting the magazine "Il Mulino".

Since its inception, the publisher's objective has been to contribute to the development and modernization of Italian culture, through a programme of publications that drew significantly from the Anglo-Saxon social sciences and was inspired by an explicitly empirical and reformist approach. This aim has never failed and has been pursued within a growing variety of disciplinary areas (history, philosophy, linguistics, literary criticism, demography, anthropology, psychology, sociology, political science, economics and law).

Il Mulino publishes an extensive catalogue of journals, covering the full range of interests and a rich production of books with a clearly differentiated profile. 


Discount code

To all EuARe2020 delegates, 5% discount on the entire catalogue when ordering from the website ( with the code EUARE-5%.

The code will be valid from June 22 to June 28, 2020.




Mohr Siebeck.png

Mohr Siebeck is an independent, family-owned publisher founded in 1801, which to this day specializes in producing the finest academic books and journals. These publications focus on the humanities and legal studies. And as the digitalization of academia and publishing likewise maintains its momentum, Mohr Siebeck’s aim is to offer all its publications in print as well as in digital formats.

In keeping with its Latin motto “artibus ingenuis”, Mohr Siebeck remain committed to serving as a specialist partner for both scholars and academic institutions. Its enduring endeavor is to provide a forum for high-end research and facilitate its international dissemination within the global academic community.



Discount code

To all EuARe2020 delegates, 20% discount on English titles, when ordering from the website ( with the code #EuARe2020.

The code will be valid until October 30, 2020.


Palgrave Macmillan publishes award-winning research which changes the world across the humanities, social sciences and business for academics, professionals and librarians. We offer authors and readers the very best in academic content whilst also supporting the community with innovative new formats and tools.


With offices in London, New York and Shanghai, and sales teams across 50 countries, we have a global reach. As part of Springer Nature, we are proud to uphold an unbroken tradition of over 170 years of academic publishing.


Meet your editor

If you are interested in submitting your manuscript to Palgrave, Phil Getz, Senior Commissioning Editor for Religion and Philosophy, invites you to get in touch with him. He will be available for video meetings during the conference (22-25 June) to give you insights on how to get your work published with Palgrave.

Phone: 347-266-7944



In a video presentation that will be online from Wednesday, June 24, Phil Getz will offer us insights on how to publish with Palgrave Macmillan.




Routledge Logo.jpg

Routledge is a global publisher of academic books, journals and online resources in the humanities and social sciences.

Together Routledge and CRC Press are the world’s leading academic publisher in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and STEM. They publish thousands of books and key online products each year, serving scholars, instructors, and professional communities worldwide.



Discount code

To all EuARe2020 delegates, 20% discount on all titles ordered directly from with the code FGW07.

The code is valid for orders purchased before 1st August 2020.

Editorial news

Highlights and new trends in Routledge's editorial programs will be advertised on our social media profiles.