As approved by the General Assembly on June 21, 2017


1.The "European Academy of Religion" (hereafter "EuARe") is hereby constituted. Its address shall be c/o Fondazione per le Scienze Religiose Giovanni XXIII, Via San Vitale 114, 40125 Bologna (Italy).

2. The Academy acts as an independent scientific and professional organization under the terms of its statute. EuARe aims to constitute an inclusive network, to act as an open platform, and to provide a framework to foster research, communication, exchange and cooperation concerning important religious issues for the academic world and society at large.


3. EuARe shall:

  • periodically convene the EuARe Congress; as well as regional symposia on scientific, political and practical issues within the field of religion in order to establish contacts among its members;

  • encourage an open collaboration for the development of research programs and academic training inside and outside EU borders;

  • endorse applications to make research funds or facilities available to EuARe members and young scholars;

  • facilitate the cooperation of its members with EU institutions;

  • promote relations with non-European associations and institutions that share the goals of the EuARe.

4. EuARe has all such powers necessary or convenient to carry out its objectives. In particular, the authority to: (1) enter into contracts; (2) open and administer bank accounts as necessary, and perform such functions associated with said accounts as necessary; (3) solicit and accept gifts, grants, bequests and endowments, and to act as a trustee of moneys or other property vested in the EuARe; (4) employ staff; and (5) engage consultants and professional assistance.


5. EuARe is open to individuals, academic associations and institutions, publishers, journals, media and other organizations engaged in the study, critical consideration, scientific research or public understanding of religion and its interactions with society in Europe and the Mediterranean countries. Members different from individuals will designate a representative entitled to vote on behalf of the institutions he/she represents.

6. Applications are subject to approval by the EuARe Executive Committee. Approval or rejection of applications shall be based solely on the quality of the candidate’s academic or professional curriculum and its congruency with the goals and activities of the EuARe.


7. Members have the right to elect the Executive Committee and to hold office as specified in this statute and the bylaws.


8. Each member shall pay annual dues upon admission and subsequently on the 1st of January of each year. Members who fail to pay dues by the 1st of January of each year shall be suspended from their right to vote and from being elected to office in the EuARe.


9. Failure to pay the annual dues and arrears for three consecutive years shall automatically entail loss of membership.


10. The Executive Committee shall decide expulsion of a member from EuARe with a majority of at least two-thirds of its members. The member may appeal to the General Assembly against the Executive Committee's decision. The General Assembly may overrule the Executive Committee's decision with the same majority.



11. The organs of the EuARe are: the General Assembly, the Executive Committee, the Secretary General, the Treasurer, the Vice-President, and the President.


12. The General Assembly of the EuARe is composed of all EuARe members. It shall be convened every year. It shall take place within the EuARe Congress; in years in which no Congress is held, the General Assembly may hold a meeting via electronic conferencing. Extraordinary assemblies may be called at the discretion of the Executive Committee or when at least one-third of the members make a written request. The agenda of the General Assembly shall be sent to each EuARe member at least 30 days before the date of the Assembly. Members may propose resolutions for consideration at the General Assembly. Proposals must be submitted to the Executive Committee at least 60 days before the date of the General Assembly and the Executive Committee shall decide whether to submit the proposals to the General Assembly.


13. Decisions of the General Assembly shall be taken by absolute majority of the members present and voting. A minimum quorum of members is not required for the General Assembly to take action.


14. Policy decisions and administration and management tasks in relation to the activity of the EuARe shall be taken and carried out by the Executive Committee, which shall consist of the EuARe President, the Executive Vice-President, the Secretary General, the Treasurer and five members. With the exception of the President, the members of the Executive Committee shall serve a term of four years and can be re-elected for one more term only. The EuARe President shall be the person in charge of organizing the EuARe congress and shall serve in this position from the end of the previous congress to the end of the congress he/she organizes. The Executive Committee shall make its decisions by majority vote. When votes are equal, the President shall cast the deciding vote.


15. With the exception of the President, the members of the Executive Committee shall be elected among the individual members of the EuARe by majority vote of the EuARe members. Elections are held on occasion of the EuARe General Assembly. Each member may be represented by another EuARe member by proxy; but no member can represent more than two other EuARe members. The EuARe is committed to ensuring in its governing bodies a fair representation of the diverse cultural, scientific, professional, geographic and gender components of the EuARe.


16. The Executive Committee organizes the activity of the EuARe and manages its affairs under the terms of this statute. The Executive Committee elects the Vice-President, Secretary General, and the Treasurer from among its members by absolute majority.


17. The President of the Academy is also the chairperson of the General Assembly and of the Executive Committee. The President represents the EuARe, convenes the meetings of the General Assembly and of the Executive Committee and presides over them. In case of his or her absence, the office shall be held by the Vice-President. The legal representation of the Academy is entrusted to the President.


18. Any proposal of amendment to this statute must be submitted to the Executive Committee at least 60 days before the General Assembly and will require the votes in its favour of at least two-third of those present and voting at a duly noticed General Assembly meeting.


1. At least three months before the EuARe Congress at which the terms of existing officers expire, the President or the Executive Committee shall issue an official call for elections by electronic communication to current members of the EuARe. Individuals interested in being considered as candidates shall submit applications within 30 days from the date of the official call for elections by emailing applications directed to the EuARe President.


2. An alphabetical list of the candidates for the Executive Committee shall be published on the EuARe website and emailed to members of the Academy at least thirty days prior to the General Assembly meeting at which an election is scheduled.


3. If no EuARe congress is held in the fourth year after the election of the Executive Committee, elections for the EuARe Executive Committee positions shall be held by electronic means according to regulations to be prepared by the Executive Committee then in office, and providing notice of the election as provided in paragraph 1 and 2 of these by-laws.