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The 2022 host of the EuARe Annual Conference, FSCIRE, offers 70 travel grants of € 300 to students, PhD students, post-docs, and early career scholars participating in the Conference. The grants are also accessible to those who would like to attend the meeting as auditors, i.e. without offering a conference paper.

There will be two application periods:

  • from February 14th to April 11th;

  • from April 18th to May 30th, 2022.


We will assign 35 grants per period: applicants will receive a notification from the EuARe Secretariat by April 15th, if they applied in the first period, and by June 6th, if they applied in the second period.


Applicants must submit to a curriculum vitae, a motivation letter, and an estimated travel budget to be eligible for the grant. If the number of eligible applications is higher than the number of travel grants that can be awarded, a selection will be made taking into account the age and academic position of the applicant.

Registration fees to the Conference, membership fees to EuARe and the Gala dinner contribution are not valid for the refund.

Applicants will receive a notification from the EuARe Secretariat either in case of acceptance or rejection. If you applied and did not receive a positive or negative confirmation, please inquire before the Conference.

In case of acceptance, the applicants must be sure to stop by the registration desk during the days of the Conference: to receive the grant, it is necessary that they confirm their presence and collect the refund module.


The grant will be transferred after the Conference, provided that a photo or a .pdf file with the receipts of the expenditures is sent to our email address together with the refund module, filled and signed.

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